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    Le Temps Perdu EDP 100ml

    Salle Privée Le Temps Perdu EDP 100ml


    • Le Temps Perdu EDP 100ml

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      Salle Privée Le Temps Perdu EDP 100ml

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        Literally ‘the lost time’, Le Temps Perdu is expressive of nostalgia and timelessness. A reference to the most prominent work of Marcel Proust - a novel written over several volumes - in which the role of memory, notably those brought forth by smell, is a major theme. Le Temps Perdu guides you on a journey of contemplative self discovery, of understanding the being you were, are now and who you one day might become.

        Proust posits that when we’re born, the shelves in our library are empty and as we persevere through life, you add volumes through experiences and the memories they create. He references the delicious smell of Madeleine cake he remembers from his childhood to contrast involuntary memory with voluntary memory. The latter is memory retrieved by intelligent thought as opposed to involuntary memory that suddenly enters your mind; this is what we have attempted to create with Le Temps Perdu - a fragrance for life, a welcome to your library.

        Le Temps Perdu is a minimalistic and somewhat animalistic and layered unisex fragrance composition. It is an addictive and alluring Eau de Parfum that exudes wealth and high-society that Proust would have worn today. The ambrette, ambroxan and Iso E Super protrude from the juice delivering the epitome of sexy. Le Temps Perdu evokes the warmth of self-confidence, tapping into the primal part of our brain, perhaps a memory from eons past?

        Le Temps Perdu is an abstract creation with top notes of ambrette and amber; a heart of ambroxan, musk and Iso E Super; all resting on a base of dark woods.


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