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    Antigua Bay

    Morph Antigua Bay


    • Antigua Bay
      • Antigua Bay
      • Antigua Bay


      Morph Antigua Bay

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        Antigua Bay, a fragrance that defies convention and redefines "marine" in artistic perfumery. This new creation signed by the nose Arturetto Landi Is an olfactory work of art, bold and overpowering.


        It is the perfect olfactory expression for those seeking a conceptual and contemporary experience. With Antigua Bay, the adventure begins with each spray, bringing with it a sense of discovery and a unique personality.

        "Discover the power of the marine revolution with Antigua Bay, the fragrance that redefines the rules of the game."

        Antigua Bay opens with a symphony of lively accords that capture the attention of the senses. Top notes of bergamot, black pepper, and a unique marine note come together in an intriguing and compelling bouquet. Bergamot releases its vibrant freshness, while black pepper adds a light spice.

        The marine note, however, is not the classic and predictable one. Instead, it is reinterpreted in a surprising way, revealing a deep and mysterious character.

        As the fragrance unfolds, its unique heart is revealed, exuding an ozonic atmosphere that is both fresh and sophisticated. The ozonic notes create an invigorating aura, evoking the sensation of a sea breeze caressing the skin. White flowers lend a touch of elegance and sophistication, while patchouli adds an earthy, enveloping depth.

        In the base of Antigua Bay, a warm, enveloping combination of vanilla, ambergris, cedarwood, sandalwood, and white musk emerges. Vanilla infuses sensual sweetness, while ambergris adds a warm, enveloping note. Cedarwood and sandalwood provide a robust, masculine structure, while white musk lends a feeling of coziness and softness.


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