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    About Études

    Études is a Paris-based brand that expresses itself through various types of media—ranging from men's fashion all the way to book publishing. By occasioning collaborations between talents from diverse artistic backgrounds, Études acts as a driving force and reflection of the contemporary landscape. Its vision results from an ever-evolving union between cultures, methods, and references.

    The Founders

    Initially coined by the creative collaboration between Jérémie Egry and Aurélien Arbet, Études was born at last in 2012 with the arrival of José Lamali. Situated at first in Paris and New York, the founding trio has enriched the brand’s identity since its conception by inviting new talents to join along the way—calling into life a trans-disciplinary collective.


    Études’ multidisciplinary vision is reflected in the biannual collection of men’s ready-to-wear. The brand, composed of essential silhouettes, is especially recognized for its graphic elements (such as the Blue Klein and the adoption of the twelve iconic stars from the European flag), and the diverse references to street culture and modernist design. While echoing the creative editions between the brand and its favorite artists, Études’ unmistakable voice aims to communicate culturally devoted messages.


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