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    Morph Disumano


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      Morph Disumano

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        Our Disumano is something different. A thought that repudiates any kind of classification or dogma: beautiful or ugly, pleasant or painful, mine or yours, him or her...
        What is really "normal"?
        All and nothing.
        This is Disumano,
        smell of peace.

        Morph Disumano
        Disumano is provocation, contrast and harmony. Nothing like it has ever been smelt before.
        The nose of this fragrance has created an accord of notes that gives the idea of uniqueness.
        They say that the first 7 seconds are essential for the first impression, to comprehend DISUMANO it may take less than that or it may not be enough a lifetime.
        An exotic overture, given by the enveloping notes of coconut milk, is combined to a voluptuous heart of floral and gourmand notes, on a sensual base of Ambergris and Musc.

        The olfactory pyramid
        Top Notes: Mandarin, Coconut milk.
        Heart Notes: Jasmine, White flowers, Caramel agreement.
        Base Notes: Vanilla, Fava tonka, Precious woods, Amber, Musc.

        The words of the perfumer
        Disumano is a mixture of emotions: sensual and enchanting. As a skin we would like to devour. A whisper we would like to hear. A need to reconnect with essential sensations.
        Disumano was born from the desire to create a peculiar perfume, without artifice, just essential elements: mandarin, a transparent floral heart and a sensual base.
        This collaboration is first and foremost an encounter between two enthusiasts, with different histories but a common vision of beauty and the desire to make good perfumes together.

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