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    A decade after opening his first Tenue de Nîmes denim store in Amsterdam, Menno van Meurs noticed that clothing was becoming disposable. Consumers were buying more and more clothes knowing that they would wear their garments only once and that their purchases wouldn’t last more than a season. He founded Tenue. to address this issue and wanted to create a brand with a strong focus on quality and sustainability that ethically produced honest garments to last for a long time - buy less, but better.

    As a young boy, Menno fell in love with denim. Going through his parent’s attic, he found a box of filled with clothes from the 60s and 70s, but it was his Dad’s old denim jacket that immediately grabbed his attention. Even though it was decades old, it was in pristine condition and it had survived the test of time. Menno knew right then and there that the denim jacket was something special.

    From that day onward, Menno’s life would revolve around denim. His first job was in a denim store and he spent his first paycheque on a pair of jeans that he wore every day until they would fall apart. He pursued his dream and in 2008, he opened his own denim store in Amsterdam - Tenue de Nimes.

    Over the years, Tenue de Nîmes has grown to become an internationally recognised denim destination and people come to the stores in search of the perfect pair of jeans. Historically, quality has always been at the core of a pair of jeans: A piece of ‘workwear’ that could stand the test of time and that could survive in practically any situation. But when Menno noticed that jeans were becoming part of the disposable fashion trend and were no longer synonymous with quality, he was inspired to make a a change and founded the brand Tenue.

    Tenue. is a full collection brand rooted in denim, but bridges classic and contemporary workwear. We make clothes that are produced in close collaboration with our suppliers in Italy, Portugal and Japan. We believe in garments that are created in an honest way with a transparent supply chain with a low impact to the world we live in. We would like people to buy less, but buy better, and with so much stuff out there, we want Tenue. clothing to be loved and worn every day.


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